Victorian Ordnance Survey Old Series / First Series Maps(1805-1869)

The "Old series" map was first published in 1805, covering England and Wales in its entirety by 1869 (though a 'New Series' had already been authorised and began in 1863). It used a variation on the Cassini Projection using Delamere as its origin - this may cause distortion in some areas as we have attempted to reproject the map onto the more modern Web Mercator projection to work on modern web viewers. Please note due to this it is only possible to give an approximate modern geographic reference of areas on this map, with geolocation most accurate near the coasts and least accurate towards the centre of the country.

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This map dynamically loads the northern (volume 8) or southern (volumes 1-7) areas of the 1st series map depending on where the map is panned, or use the toggle below to switch between areas.